Will the new iPhone really cost 1,000 euros?

According to a recent analysis by Steven Milunovich, the new iPhone 8 with 64GB of memory will not cost a thousand euros but will be priced between 800 and 900 euros

In recent weeks, smartphone enthusiasts have been discussing the price of the new iPhone 8. According to several rumors, the smartphone will be launched on the market at a price close to one thousand euros. New rumors close to Cupertino, however, reassure consumers, iPhone 8 will cost between 800 and 900 euros.

According to analyst Steven Milunovich, previous rumors about the final price of the top-of-the-line smartphone from Cupertino are not true. According to him iPhone 8 will be launched with a lower price of about 200 euros. A figure that will put it in very close competition with Samsung and the new Galaxy S8 Plus. The two top of the range, in short, in addition to the curved edges will also have the price in common. Milunovich argued his theory. For him, Apple will lower the price of the base model of the IPhone 8, namely the one with 64GB of memory to make up for the difference in the screen with Galaxy S8.

How much does iPhone 8 cost

For Milunovich iPhone 8 with 256GB of memory will instead exceed one thousand euros. The analyst argued the prediction with the fact that already the current iPhone 7 Plus with 256GB of memory exceeds one thousand euros. While in his opinion iPhone 7s will cost just over 600 euros and the iPhone 7s Plus will touch 750 euros. In addition to the price, there are several details that will make the new iPhone 8 resemble the Galaxy S8, recently presented by Samsung. In addition to the already mentioned curved edges there will be wireless charging. But there will also be features that will differentiate them: for example, the Home button integrated into the screen and including a fingerprint sensor.