Wind and Tre goodbye, from March 16 comes the new operator: the news

WindTre is the new operator that takes the place of Wind and Tre. Here are the offers, signal, coverage and opinions

Now it's official: from today, March 6, the era of the new Wind-Tre officially begins. The two brands merge to give life to one of the largest Italian operators that will be present both on the fixed and mobile market. On March 6, the event "The Wow Now" was supposed to be held where the two operators were to announce all the news, but unfortunately due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus epidemic, all the information was released online, starting with the most important one: the new operator will start presenting offers from March 16, 2020.

For the name of the new operator, WindTre was chosen, a crasis of the two previous brands in order to make customers understand that there is a continuity with the past. The logo has also been chosen to be in continuity with the past: it is simply a combination of the "W" of Wind and the "3" that has always distinguished the Tre brand.

As far as offers are concerned, we still have to wait a few days, but by March 16 everything should be ready for the official launch of the first tariffs under the Wind-Tre brand. The name will be used for both fixed and mobile networks, while for the business sector it has been decided to create WindTre Business.

Addio Wind e Tre: the name of the new operator

WindTre, this is the name chosen by the two brands for the new operator. They opted for the simplest choice: the combination of the two brands, without any particular or innovative solution.

WindTre, the new network: coverage and signal

"The largest mobile infrastructure in Italy", these are the words of Gianluca Corti, Chief Commercial Officer of the new operator WindTre. And it is precisely on the coverage and signal quality that the new operator will push hard. The network covers 99% of the national territory ensuring excellent speed in both download and upload. Just as good will be the quality of the signal.

WindTre, 5G arrives

Another great news concerns the 5G. With WindTre also comes the debut of the 5G Ready network that within the next few years will cover the entire national territory. From July 2020 it will be present in the main Italian cities, to expand slowly.

WindTre, what changes for users

For those who are already customers Wind or Tre there will be no major shocks: the transition to the new operator will be gradual and there will be no worsening of the service. On the contrary. The historical customers should take advantage of the new network with advantages in signal quality and coverage. Even on the tariff plan there should be no changes: customers will continue to pay their subscription with the same monthly thresholds.

Discussion different, however, for those who make the transition to the new operator WindTre and can activate the new offers. Offers that, however, at the moment have not yet been communicated. Tre and Wind will be able to continue selling their cards until March 14, while WindTre will be able to start operating officially from March 16. The advertising campaign will begin Sunday, March 8.

WindTre, new services for users

In addition to WindTre, in recent weeks a new operator has also arrived, albeit virtual: Very Mobile. The peculiarity is that it is still part of the company that controls WindTre and has been launched with a very specific goal: to nibble away at Iliad's market share. In addition to a very competitive price (the only offer available so far is 4.99 euros per month with unlimited minutes, SMS and 30GB of data traffic), Very Mobile offers free services such as "I've been looking for you", "RingMe" and "Hotspot". Services that WindTre could also offer for free to all new and old customers.