Wind and Tre goodbye, the new operator arrives: name and logo

Wind and Tre are ready to merge and launch a new mobile operator. Here's the name, the logo and the new offers

It's just a little while away, in fact very little, to the arrival of the new mobile and fixed operator that will merge Wind and Tre. After years of work that began in 2015 with the announcement of the agreement for the unification of the Wind-Tre brands, the time seems to have arrived for the launch of the single brand. In these days Wind and Tre have been at the center of many rumors, starting with the debut of the low-cost virtual operator Very Mobile, which presented its first all inclusive offer at 4.99 euros.

After Very Mobile it's the turn of the new brand. The name chosen should be W-Tre or W3 and also the logo should represent the union of the two companies (it is assumed a "W" flanked by the number 3, all colored orange). The new company was organizing a presentation event for March 6, but the arrival in Italy of Coronavirus has for the moment suspended the preparations. Most likely it has been postponed by a few weeks, but on this point there is no certainty.

Between the most interesting news of the new operator W3 there will definitely be the quality of the network and the signal that should cover 99% of the Italian territory. Also coming is the 5G Ready network with the debut of the new operator's first offers for the superfast network.

Addio a Wind and Tre, new name and logo

A soft transition. Wind and Tre are working to make the merger between the two brands as less problematic as possible, which should officially take place in March 2020 with the birth of the new phone operator. The name should be a cross between the two brands: W3, WTre or W-Tre. All hypotheses are on the table, the confirmation will happen only in the press conference that the two companies are preparing. The press conference was expected for March 6, but according to the latest rumors it should be postponed because of the Coronavirus.

The logo of the new brand is also being decided in these days. The two companies have published several proposals to the Patent and Trademark Office, including the one that will be chosen. Also in this case it will be necessary to wait for the official conference to discover which will be the chosen brand.

Wind-Tre merger, what changes for users

Will there be changes for those who are now Wind or Tre users? No epochal upheaval: they will continue to benefit from the same offer, without any variation. The only changes could be at network level and signal quality. The unified network should cover 99% of the Italian territory and guarantee an excellent quality, especially with regard to the speed.

The biggest news, however, should concern the 5G network. With the new phone operator should be launched the 5G Ready network, with ad hoc offers. There is no official news, however, on the launch of special offers for the debut of W3, but it would not be surprising if they were launched rates with very advantageous prices, valid only for the initial period. Just a few more days and we will understand how the world of telephony will change with the new operator W3.