Wind doesn’t work on September 15, what’s going on

Since today morning, Wind Tre Business users have been reporting problems with both web browsing and making calls. At the moment the causes are unknown

A bad day for Wind users. From 10:30 this morning several hundred users have begun to report inefficiencies on the line of the mobile operator and fixed that has recently defined the final merger with the Chinese Tre. A rather serious problem, since with the passing of the hours the number of reports is increasing exponentially.

Just connect to the portal DownDetector, a real authority of the Network when it has to do with inefficiencies, to discover that there are more and more users who complain of malfunctions both to the phone line, both to the Internet connection from smartphones. As mentioned, the first problems began to manifest themselves late Saturday morning, but then spread a bit 'throughout Italy. The problems at Wind Tre Business mainly affect users in large Italian cities (Milan, Rome, Turin and, to a lesser extent, Naples), but even users in small towns seem not to be exempt from problems.

Wind down September 15, what we know

At the moment all the information about Wind that doesn't go is based on comments and tweets, anything but enthusiastic, that you can find online. The phone operator, despite the fact that a few hours have passed since the first reports, seems not to have managed to unravel the skein yet. On the contrary, as already mentioned, with the passing of the hours the number of reports is increasing, a sign that the problem is spreading more and more.

According to what Wind Tre Business users say, the problems mainly concern telephony: many complain about the inability to make calls and, therefore, to get in touch with the service center of the first Italian operator. In the last few hours, moreover, the problem seems to have extended also to the Network connectivity, for a total black out to say the least worrying.