Wind is not working today, what’s happening

If you are having problems with the WindTre network today, April 20, click on this article.

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Not only Infostrada. Since early afternoon also Wind is having problems throughout the country. Most probably the down of Wind network and Infostrada network are connected: the cause could depend on a failure of the network infrastructure. But for the moment there are no certainties. Wind and Infostrada haven't released any official communication: technicians are working to solve the problem.

The Wind down has started around 14:00 on May 7: users have started to report malfunctions on fixed and ADSL network. Problems that have been going on for a couple of hours and that don't allow users to make calls or to connect to the Internet. On the official Twitter page of Wind many users are contacting the service center in search of information. Also on many people are complaining about the inefficiency and are looking for a solution. Wind and Infostrada technicians are surely working to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Why Wind is not working today

We do not know the causes that led to the down of the Wind network in many parts of Italy. Users are reporting the inability to make calls and calls with the fixed network of Wind. Infostrada customers are experiencing the same problem: also in this case the telephone network and the Internet connection are not working. For the moment Wind has not released official comments, but on the Twitter account is responding to customers seeking information on the network down. We will follow the story and in the next hours we will keep you updated.

Update at 18:00

The problems are being resolved.