Wind – Three: single brand, what changes for users

Wind and Three have kicked off operations to merge the two brands. What will the new operator be called? What does it change for users? Here are the answers

After a little more than three years since the merger between Wind and Tre, which took place through the creation of a joint venture between CK Hutchison and VimpelCom at the turn of November and December 2016, now the two telephone operators are preparing to merge the brands into one.

It would seem that this, according to increasingly insistent rumors, is the road taken by Wind-Tre. A road that passes also for the creation of a low cost virtual operator, whose name is however at the moment a mystery. Apparently the operation should arrive in a very short time: by February 2020, perhaps as early as January. It is not clear either what will be the name chosen for the main brand. For current Wind and Tre users, however, at least initially should change little because it is virtually impossible that the offers already subscribed can be touched as a result of the creation of the new brand.

New brand Wind-Tre: what will it be called?

Unable at the moment to say with certainty what name will be chosen for the new consumer brand of Wind-Tre. It could simply be called Wind-Tre, as suggested by the registration of the internet domain by VIP-CKH Luxembourg S.à.r.l. (the above mentioned joint venture that controls 100% of WindTre SpA). But the registration of an Internet domain does not necessarily mean that the name is that one, because it could only have been done to protect the brand from possible impersonations by third parties.

New Wind-Tre virtual operator: what will it be called?

Same for the possible low cost virtual operator of the Wind-Tre group: in the last months several domain names have been registered, such as, and vualà Also in this case it is not said that the new low cost operator will have one of these names, although it is likely.

New Wind-Tre brands: what changes for users

If all this were to become reality, soon or in the future, the changes for Wind and Tre users at first would be minimal. Certainly all physical stores and online properties of the group would be "rebranded" in a short time, but the offers subscribed by users would remain valid until the natural expiration of the contract. Then, probably, they will be unified leaving only the most advantageous. In the meantime, the low cost virtual operator should be born, with rates presumably comparable to those of Iliad, Kena and