Wind Tre and Fastweb together for 5G

The two Italian operators have decided to join forces to face the 5G challenges. The goal is to cover 90% of the Italian territory by 2026

The 5G network is revolutionizing the balance of the telecommunications market worldwide. And Italy is not to be outdone. Two large telephone operators have announced a truly exclusive collaboration. We're talking about Fastweb and Wind Tre that will cooperate to better manage the new super-fast network.

This move catches all other operators by surprise, especially Vodafone and TIM, who were among the first to announce access to the service for new and old customers. The partnership will allow the two companies to share the work and commitments for the launch of 5G, but at the same time they will remain independent for all other projects. Therefore, this is not a corporate merger, but just a way to tackle a big and important challenge together. In this way, they will be able to combine their experiences and knowledge, but also all the tools and technical means to successfully achieve the goal: to cover 90% of the national territory by 2026.

Wind Tre and Fastweb: how will they face the 5G revolution?

The 5G network will be managed by Wind Tre and Fastweb with a careful division of tasks. Fastweb will also provide Fibre to its partner's customers, specifically it will guarantee access to both FTTH (Fiber-to-the-Home) and FTTC (Fiber-to-the-Cabinet) networks in order to increase the satisfaction of those who have a fixed network.

The collaboration was born to be able to overcome the competition, which has already proposed its own commercial offers. Alberto Calcagno, CEO of Fastweb, said that the goal of the partnership is to provide the best 5G network in Italy. The partnership between the companies has a duration of 10 years and now all that remains is to wait for the pass from the competent authorities, considering that this agreement changes the balance of a growing sector.

Jeffrey Hedberg, CEO of Wind Tre also says he is enthusiastic about the operation: he said that the condition of the company's assets will allow to speed up the business revolution underway. By launching 5G network offerings and including new services and applications, there will be an opportunity to satisfy more Italian consumers and build customer loyalty.

The Choices of Vodafone and TIM

The 5G revolution has already been seized upon by Italy's two largest telephone operators. In fact, both TIM and Vodafone have already announced the economic offers dedicated to new and old customers.

Vodafone has been the first to debut in the fast network market. From June 16 you can take advantage of the proposals, some customers can even try the fast network for free.

Tim instead will launch the service by the end of June and will provide two different offers called Tim Advance 5G and Tim Advance 5G Top. Now all that's left to do is wait for the next moves by the two unprecedented partners to sign up for the best subscription for your needs.