Windows 10, a new bug does not allow you to connect to the Internet

Users report new problems with Windows 10: the PC does not connect to the Internet and users are unable to use programs and applications

July's Patch Tuesday, the second major security update after the arrival of the May Update that brought Windows 10 to version 2004, continues to cause problems for users. The latest report concerns the difficulty, or even inability, to connect to the Internet after updating the computer.

Usersers who are experiencing these problems, very variable as always happens with bugs brought by a Windows update, are complaining about it on Microsoft's official forum. The company acknowledges and takes note, but as usual postpones to a future cumulative update the solution of this problem. In the meantime, though, there's already a DIY solution to fix the problem. But it's a pretty tricky maneuver, because it involves working on the Windows 10 registry. That's why it's better to be sure that the problem from which our connection suffers is exactly the one described in recent hours by users.

Windows 10 won't connect: what's going on

This bug brought by the July 2020 Patch Tuesday on Windows 10 is very curious, because it's actually a fake bug that brings real problems, however. Basically, users claim to see, for no reason, the famous yellow triangle in the Start menu bar. Triangle that, when visible instead of the normal symbol of Wi-Fi, indicates that the connection has some problem. The problem in question, according to Windows, is precisely the inability to connect to the Internet: the router works, the PC hooks up to the Wi-Fi network, but then it can't connect to the Web.

But that's not really true: if you open any browser, the connection is there and you can surf without problems. The problems, however, are with certain apps like Spotify that "trust" the connection detection to understand if the PC is connected to the Internet or not. These apps are "fooled" by the bug and consequently don't work.

Windows 10 doesn't connect: how to fix

Waiting for Microsoft to include a patch for this strange bug in a next cumulative update you can fix it with a registry maneuver. You need to open the registry editor (just look for "RegEdit" in the Start menu) and then open the folder tree until you find "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services NlaSvc Parameters Internet", where we can select the key "EnableActiveProbing". After opening this key to change it we need to change the value from 0 to 1. Usually this is enough to make the yellow triangle and all the problems that come with it disappear.