Windows 10, after the update the taskbar doesn’t work: how to fix it

The latest optional patch for Windows 10 is creating quite a few problems for several users. Here's why and what are the possible solutions

It's a period in which Windows doesn't seem to be doing well. After the news about the increasingly likely cancellation of Windows 10X, in a way anticipated by John Cable, head of program management, support and distribution for Windows, some bugs arrive for Windows 10 with the recently distributed update.

The optional KB5003214 patch for the Redmond operating system has created problems for some among those who have installed it. Problems other than those declared by Microsoft in the changelog, which accompanies all software news, and therefore abnormal. The update at the center of user complaints began its path of distribution at the beginning of last week with some bug fixes and the new feature "News and Interests", which is precisely the one that generated the anomalies first and then the discontent. For the final resolution, we have to wait for Microsoft's technicians to fix the bugs, but in the meantime, something can already be done to put a patch on the problems in Windows 10.

The problems at the latest Windows 10

The optional update KB5003214 is generating problems with the taskbar, but as time goes by, reports of anomalies affecting other spaces of Windows 10 are growing.

With the new "News and Interests" feature enabled, the sorting of the taskbar is unstable. The disappearance of app icons or sometimes the overlapping of them has angered more than a few, who have poured out all their frustration on the web and on Microsoft's spaces that give users a way to express themselves such as Windows Latest.

It's not just the icon issues though that are negatively distinguishing the latest Windows 10 patch, as there are reports of outages for the network icon and Notification Center that have stopped working regularly. Still, several others complain that the search box is no longer displayed in the taskbar, and that the resolution on monitors is not always ideal.

How to Fix Windows 10 Problems

One user described the problems he encountered on Windows 10 after installing the offending patch this way: "After installing cumulative update KB5003214 I experienced some problems with the taskbar, mainly the icons on the right side of the bar move independently and randomly or disappear. Tested on a Surface Book 3 and Alienware M17 R5".

After the complaint, the user added that he solved it in the only way that, at this time, seems to be fully effective to end the problems: the uninstallation of the update KB5003214.

At the moment there seems to be no solution other than this, so if you have not yet installed that update for Windows 10 the advice is not to do so in order not to run the risk of having to live with the same anomalies. An attempt can be represented by disabling the "News and Interests" bar, but it doesn't give the same resolution guarantees as uninstalling the indigestible patch.