Windows 10, an update arrives that fixes many problems

Tens of errors have been fixed by Microsoft, seven of which are particularly widespread. Here's how to install the latest Windows 10 update on PC

It was released on August 20, 2020, the update KB4566116 for Windows 10 with which Microsoft fixes several bugs that caused app freezes and sudden operating system crashes. This is a cumulative non-security update, so it's optional.

These updates had been suspended in the past months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but have been resumed since July. It's not strange, then, that these are big cumulative updates that Microsoft is releasing to fix groups of issues that it hasn't been able to address in the recent past. Specifically, this update affects all editions of Windows 10 version 1903 and version 1909 and also Windows Server 1903. The PCs that will be able to be updated, therefore, are really quite a lot. As usual, Microsoft says that there are no known problems following this update, but you'll have to wait at least a few days to be sure.

Update KB4566116: what changes

The main bugs that are fixed by update KB4566116 are seven: the abnormal filling of the hard drive with files that should be deleted automatically, the inability to start Microsoft Gaming Services, an issue with one of the time zones in Canada, a display problem on touchscreen devices, an issue that causes Settings to close unexpectedly, the inability to lock a device if we entered a blank space in the username when first configuring it, and an abnormal delay in opening some applications. In addition to these problems, which are the most common, there are dozens of other bugs that are fixed with this cumulative update.

KB4566116 update: how to install it

Because it is a non-security and optional update, KB4566116 is not automatically installed by Windows Update. To get it, we'll have to open the Windows Update tool and search for updates manually, then select KB4566116 and download it.

As always happens, though, the release will be gradual, so if Windows Update doesn't find this update, we'll have to look for it in the next few days. If we have never experienced any of the bugs described, however, the installation of KB4566116 is absolutely optional and we can even wait a bit, so as to be sure that this update does not solve some problems and then cause others.