Windows 10 Cloud, minimum requirements of the cheap laptop Microsoft

Continue to arrive rumors about the next low-cost laptop weblog Microsoft. This time it's the turn of the minimum specifications of Windows 10 Cloud

The gauntlet has now been thrown and, now, we just have to wait for the official presentation. If until a few weeks ago many people still had doubts about the possibility that Microsoft could launch a "light" version of Windows 10, today is instead the countdown.

That Windows 10 Cloud is in the very short term plans of the house of Redmond, in fact, is no longer a secret to anyone, so that opponents - and the various manufacturers of computing devices - are already preparing to welcome the news. The most worried, at least on paper, should be Google: the new laptop in Microsoft's plans, in fact, could undermine the dominance of Chromebooks in the fields of computing for education and economic computers. In short, it seems that the two giants are destined to cross the gloves again, this time on a front apparently more suitable for the house of Redmond: that of operating systems.

Minimum requirements Windows 10 Cloud

The latest rumors about the operating system "light" Microsoft concern the minimum specifications of cheap laptops that should mount it. It starts from a quadcore processor (Celeron or better), 4 gigabytes of RAM and at least 32 gigabytes of storage space available on high-performance hard drive (both Flash memory, both solid state disk). To "support" the whole, a battery of at least 40 watts per hour.

Windows 10 Cloud Performance

Well-defined features that, in the mind of Microsoft, should allow "its" low-end laptops to ensure respectable performance. Cheap Windows 10 Cloud notebooks will have a battery life of at least 10 hours, turn on in less than 20 seconds, while from the login screen to full operation will take about 15 seconds.