Windows 10 is the most secure operating system, Microsoft’s word

Microsoft is focusing on cybersecurity for the latest version of its operating system, and a new update for Windows 10 will be released in April

Windows 10 is Microsoft's most secure operating system ever. To say it is the same Redmond company, which however does not want to push more and more users to make the update but wants to take stock of its top priority for the future: computer security.

Microsoft explains that its priority in operating systems will always be user safety. The phenomenon of hackers, malware and online scams is constantly growing and it is therefore normal that the first aspect to take into account is the low vulnerability of devices against these attacks. For Microsoft, Windows 10 is the most secure operating system ever and this is demonstrated, according to the company, by the increasing number of companies that adopt this solution for their offices and their productions. And security will become the central aspect in the upcoming Windows 10 updates as well.

Security First

To get to these results and greater security, Microsoft has worked with a number of IT security specialists. But at the same time it has also worked alongside many government institutions and entities. For example, with the U.S. Department of Defense and the Australian Department of Personal Services.

Windows 10 Updates

The general level of Windows 10 will also have a further increase soon with the release of the new operating system update. Questo sarà indicato soprattutto per le aziende e le aiuterà a intuire le vulnerabilità e le possibili minacce interne alla loro rete. In più ci saranno anche funzioni dedicate alla salvaguardia dei dati in caso di attacco hacker. Il prossimo aggiornamento di Windows 10 (Creators Update) dovrebbe uscire ad aprile, come dichiarato dalla stessa Microsoft.

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