Windows 10, new update crashes Start menu

Microsoft has released an update for Windows 10 that instead of fixing problems, it's creating new ones. Here's what's happening

New update, new error for Microsoft Windows 10. Not a month goes by without an update to Redmond's operating system being accompanied by a slew of complaints from those who installed it because something that worked fine before the update stops working soon after.

This time the problems reported even concern the Start menu, a true symbol of Windows operating systems, which after update KB4524147 (which brings Windows 10 to build 18362.388) on the PCs of some users literally crashes. With a system error: "Critical Error: Start Menu not working". Last month another update had instead "broken" the Cortana search, always within the Start Menu, and a second update had "broken" the printer. Also in this case, there is no trace of the problems encountered by users within the "known issues" of this update.

The damage and the mockery

The "funny" thing, if we want to take it philosophically, about this update KB4524147 is that it has been released by Microsoft both to fix a serious Internet Explorer security problem and to "fix" the error in the printing process resulting from the previous update KB4522016 of September 23. With the latest update, then, Microsoft fixes the problem created by the previous update, but it causes another one that is not known when and how it will fix it.

Start menu problems after update: how to fix them

The fact that Microsoft doesn't mention this problem among those known after the update means that once again the Windows 10 update testing procedure proved to be inadequate. Not being aware of the problem, therefore, Microsoft has not yet announced when it will fix it. At this point, the only way to fix it is to uninstall the KB4524147 update by going to "Update and Security" within the settings and viewing the history of recent updates. Then you have to choose to "Uninstall updates" and select just KB4524147. If we don't use Internet Explorer, and we didn't experience the previous printer problem but we experience the latter at the Start menu, we can uninstall KB4524147 without any risk.