Windows 10, now you can use smartphone apps on your PC

Microsoft along with Samsung have shown a new feature of Windows 10 that allows you to use smartphone apps on your PC: here's how to use it

Smartphones and computers so far are seen as opposing devices: the smartphone is used for daily entertainment, the PC for work and to play slightly more complex video games. Soon, however, the two devices may become complementary thanks to Windows 10. During the presentation of the Galaxy Note 20, which took place on August 5, 2020, was shown an innovative feature of the smartphone: thanks to the app Your Phone you can use the applications on the smartphone directly on the PC.

A real evolution of the app Your Phone, launched more than a year ago by Microsoft for Windows 10 and which has precisely the objective of using some features of the smartphone on the PC. It started with notifications, then it added the ability to manage the music playing on the phone from the PC and now it has arrived at the most awaited function: launching the smartphone apps on the computer screen. For the time being, the tool has only been released for some users subscribed to Windows Insider, the version of Windows 10 where testing is done. And the release will happen slowly, so you can better test the feature.

How to use smartphone apps on your Windows 10 PC

Samsung and Microsoft have shown off the new feature in the Your Phone app that lets you use smartphone apps on your PC. But how do you use the new feature? Quite simply, it's a kind of transmission of the phone's screen to the computer's screen. Entering the Your Phone app on the computer, there will be a section dedicated specifically to the tool and by logging in you can see all the apps installed on the phone: with a simple click you can start them.

But that's not all. Users will also be able to add them to the Start menu to have them always at hand. There are some limitations to using the feature: a maximum of one app at a time due to the low power of the smartphone. This limitation, however, is only temporary: as early as next year it will be possible to work in multitasking.

What are the compatible models

Microsoft announced that in addition to the Galaxy Note 20, there are a total of 33 smartphones that support this new feature. The final list, however, is not yet available, but it will come soon.

When the new Windows 10 feature arrives

The road ahead will be long and the obstacles to overcome will be many. This is not a simple feature and hiccups could be around the corner, That's why Microsoft has decided to release it only for a limited number of Windows Insider users, so that it can be tested calmly and unhurriedly. Probably the official release will only happen next year.