Windows 10, October update back available

Microsoft after the random file deletion bug that led to the blocking of the October Windows 10 update has released the corrected version

After the block to the update due to a bug that deleted files completely randomly (and without any authorization from users), Microsoft announced that it has finally fixed the October 2018 Windows 10 update and made it available for download again.

Redmond has assured that the new version will not be installed if the operating system encounters any new incompatibilities. In this way Microsoft wants to assure its users that no more files will be deleted by mistake in the installation phase of the Windows 10 update.

Microsoft will change the panel for Windows 10 updates

Following the bug that affected several users and forced many people to lose time to be able to recover files deleted from the system update without a valid reason Microsoft has decided that in the first update of 2019 will be totally changed the Updates section of Windows 10. We will have a control panel for the various updated versions and those that we can install. Each update will have a set of information that will indicate before installation any incompatibilities and that will inform us in broad strokes about the new features in the update. The panel for information and management of updates will have a very simple interface so that it can be used even by users who have little knowledge in the subject. There will also be a specific section on troubleshooting related to bugs or inconveniences caused by the installation.