Windows 10, problems even with PDF after update

The latest Windows 10 update creates big problems with printing and printers, even with in PDF format. Here's how to fix it

Microsoft admits the problem, but also that it doesn't have a solution yet. Only, in the meantime, the problem has turned out to be even more serious than expected. What problem are we talking about? The one with printers, caused by the latest Windows 10 security update.

To be precise, the update is KB4557957, that is, the June Patch Tuesday released to fix dozens of small and large bugs previously detected and reported to Microsoft by users. It was already known for a few days that this update creates several problems for USB printers. Now it turns out that the problems are not limited to physical printers connected to the computer, but also affect virtual ones. That is, PDF printing, used to create digital copies of documents and distribute them on the Web or in the company. Microsoft, while admitting the problem, has not announced when exactly it will proceed to fix it.

Why the printer doesn't work

After installing update KB4557957 some printers are no longer able to print. It's not a single model problem, because the bug has been reported on printers from different manufacturers and, actually, it's all in the print spoiler and in the fact that the USB port to which the device is connected becomes invisible to the spoiler itself. Apparently the main culprit of the error is the "Language Monitor" of the printer driver, i.e. the .Dll file that, among other things, is used to manage part of the communication between the device and the applications that want to send a file to the print spoiler.

Since it's a purely software problem, then, it's not surprising that printing problems occur also with PDF printing that, in reality, doesn't need any USB port. This bug that prevents printing occurs with all versions of Windows 10 and also with Windows 8.1 and Windows Server.

Printer problems: how to fix them

"Microsoft is working on a solution and will release an update as soon as more information becomes available," with these few words the Redmond-based company admits the problem and postpones the solution. In the meantime, those who are experiencing problems similar to those described (both with a physical USB printer and virtual PDF printing), can try updating the drivers or, if that's not enough, uninstalling the update KB4557957 while waiting for Microsoft to fix this annoying bug.