Windows 10, problems with the new update: what’s happening

First problem with the new version of Windows 10. Users report slowdowns when searching for files from Windows Explorer. And, in the meantime, Microsoft is silent

As is now tradition, the latest semi-annual update of Windwos 10 is also giving some problems to some users. We are talking about the Windows 10 November Update 2019 that brings the version of the operating system to 1909, also known as 19H2 or with the code KB4517245.

The only real novelty of this update, which we can undoubtedly consider a minor update of the Microsoft operating system, concerns the File Explorer. In this version File Explorer has a more powerful search than in the past: you can now search for files, at the same time, both on your local disks and on your cloud space. Just the new search box, however, seems not to work properly on more than one configuration: the search crashes and forces users to restart the File Explorer or, even, the entire operating system. Despite the fact that there have been multiple official reports about it, Microsoft still hasn't given an answer to users.

November Update 2019: the problems with search

The first problem with search caused by the November Update is not a real problem, but a choice of Microsoft: it is no longer possible to right-click on the search box in the upper right corner of a File Explorer window. To paste something to search we'll have to use the key combination CTRL+C and CTRL+V. Even in this case, however, it does not necessarily work: some users claim that the box freezes, running idle for a very long time, and the only way to unlock the File Explorer is to restart the PC. The same users claim that, after restarting the PC, the search works again, but only for a while: then it's back to square one. Other times, it is sufficient to use the Task Manager to forcibly close File Explorer and then restart it. But even in these cases the problem returns after a few minutes.

Microsoft is still silent

Many users have reported these problems on the official Microsoft Windows community forum. The reports show that it is not a problem related to a specific configuration. It would really seem, therefore, to be a bug introduced by November Update 2019. Microsoft, at the moment, does not respond to user reports so there is still no official method to fix the problems with the File Explorer search box, nor is it known if and when Microsoft will release a fix.