Windows 10 Start menu doesn’t work: what Microsoft says

Microsoft doesn't seem to be concerned about the Start menu issue that has affected some users. The solving patch, in fact, will be released only at the end of the month

Microsoft doesn't seem to be in a big hurry: the recent Start menu problems, caused by a Windows 10 operating system update, will be solved only at the end of October. With another update. The issue of Windows 10 errors, which pop up like mushrooms after the rain now almost every update, is becoming a kind of soap opera.

Not a month goes by that a new Windows 10 update, perhaps released to fix a previous problem, does not cause another problem. The Start Menu problem, for example, stems from an update that was supposed to fix a printer problem. Among other things, it should also be noted that sometimes Microsoft seems to ignore the problems brought by updates: in fact, they are not always included within the "Known Issues" of the updates. All this does is fuel users' discontent and their trust in Microsoft's operating system updates. And this could become a serious problem: many updates also include patches to recently discovered security holes, and if users stop installing updates regularly, viruses and malware will soon have an easy time of it.

Why the Start menu doesn't work

With the Windows 10 update on September 23, some users started complaining about printer problems: the print spooler doesn't seem to work anymore and all documents sent to the printer seem to disappear into thin air. Microsoft, to solve this problem, has released another update: KB4517389. With this update the problems with the printer seem to be solved, but those with the Start menu pop up and it doesn't open because of an unspecified "Critical Error".

Microsoft: we'll fix the Start menu at the end of October

Usersers are starting to get impatient and are flocking to the Microsoft Answers site to ask for explanations and, most importantly, when Microsoft will fix the Start menu problems. Saturday comes a response from a Microsoft employee, who says: "We are aware of the problem and estimate to fix it with an update that will be released in late October." It is conceivable, given the date, that the patch for the Start menu will be included in one of the usual optional minor updates that Microsoft releases every end of the month. According to many users, however, Microsoft should have come up with a solution much faster.