Windows 10, the latest update is wrong: what to do

Microsoft accidentally releases an update not intended for the general public. It doesn't do any damage, but it's advisable to delete it. Here's how

In Microsoft's latest Patch Tuesday for Windows 10, which on PCs with automatic updates enabled was downloaded and installed earlier this week, there's a mistake: Microsoft accidentally slipped in update KB4532441, which wasn't supposed to be there.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has made such a mistake (it happened, for example, also in October with package KB4523786) but, fortunately, the mistake shouldn't bring negative consequences to users. The update KB4532441, in fact, does not contain any problem but, simply, was not intended for the general public but only for computers on which the so-called "Windows Autopilot" is activated. That is, a system to install and preconfigure new devices dedicated to IT managers of companies that have to manage a large number of computers, but that normal users do not have among the features of their Windows 10.

Better uninstall the wrong update

As already mentioned, update KB4532441 was not meant to be downloaded and installed but it is not harmful. So you can also choose to leave it there where it is, anyway if we don't have Autopilot it will never be used as Microsoft itself explains, admitting the mistake made: "If you downloaded this update but don't use Autopilot, installing it won't change anything". However, also to keep the operating system lighter and avoid potential conflicts with other updates that will be released in the future, it is advisable to uninstall the KB4532441 update package.

How to uninstall KB4532441 update on Windows 10

Checking if we have KB4532441 installed, and possibly getting it out of the way, is a very easy task. Just type in the Start menu search box "Windows Update" and launch it, then we'll have to click on "View update history" and then on "Uninstall updates". Here we'll be able to search (manually or via the search box in the top right corner) if we have KB4532441 installed. If it is among the updates already installed, just click on it and then choose "Uninstall".

Windows Updates: when will the problems end?

Nothing serious, then, and it is very easy to remedy the error of Microsoft. The fact remains, however, that Microsoft continues to make poor figures every time it releases an update. Already in October it happened that an update "escaped" Microsoft and was released to the general public without control. But, above all, after the many problems caused to users by previous updates, many are now shivering when they see the notification of new updates downloaded and ready to be installed.