Windows 10, the new hidden feature you don’t know about: what it is

In Windows 10's Power Toys comes a new tool that allows you to instantly discover the color of an object on the screen. Here's how it works

Many people don't even know it exists, but it's been on their Windows 10 PCs for at least a couple of months. These are Windows Power Toys and the "older" ones will remember their presence on the operating system since Windows 95. After various vicissitudes that led to their elimination, Power Toys returned in September 2019 and in recent months, with the release of the various versions, they have been enhanced and improved.

But what are Power Toys? They are hidden features of the operating system that can be launched and installed as needed. So far there are six Power Toys available (FancyZones, File Explorer, Image Resizer, PowerRename, Shortcut Guide and Window Walker), but Microsoft is already working to implement more. In fact, with an update that arrived at the end of September, a new Power Toys has been added, which is very useful especially for those who work in the world of graphics: a color picker.

Windows 10, how the new Power Toys ColorPicker works

With version 0.20 of Power Toys an additional tool has been added that users who are a bit more geeky can activate on their Windows 10 PCs. It's a color picker that's available directly in the Windows 10 settings and allows you to discover the RGB and HEX code of the color present on the screen. It may seem like a useless tool, but it can actually solve many problems for those who work in the world of graphics. Thanks to the selector, it will be possible to discover in an instant the color code of a representation or an image.

This new feature also shows how much Microsoft listens to its community, since the request comes from Windows 10 users. After several questions posted on Microsoft's GitHub page, the Redmond-based company decided to take the request seriously and developed the PowerToys.

ColorPicker, this is the name of the Power Toys, has many functions that can be customized such as a shortcut on the keyboard to activate it immediately. Or the ability to zoom in on a particular area of an image to find out what the code is. All these functions can be customized from the page dedicated to Power Toys and present on all Windows 10 PCs since July 31.