Windows 10, the new Start menu arrives: what changes

Microsoft announces a new version of Windows 10 full of new features, starting with the new Start menu that completely changes face

Microsoft has released a new beta version of Windows 10 and inside there are many new features for users. The most important concerns the Start menu that, after many announcements, has finally undergone a heavy restyling. The Live Tiles, the squares dedicated to the apps in the Start menu, change face: softer colors, following the dictates of Fluent Design, the style chosen by Microsoft for this new phase of Windows 10.

The changes are present in the Build 20161 of Windows 10 Insider Previews, which is the version of the operating system dedicated to developers and beta testers. The novelties of this new version, however, do not end there: Microsoft has also intervened on the multitasking system that is activated by simultaneously pressing the ALT+TAB keys. When you open the multitasking management panel, now you'll see all the tabs open on Microsoft Edge and not just the main one. Minor changes are also made to the taskbar and notifications.

What changes in the new Windows 10 Start menu

The restyling of the Windows 10 Start menu was announced by Microsoft a while ago and now the first step that will bring about a radical change has been released. The stylistic changes made are many and they all focus on the Live Tiles, the bricks that characterize the Start menu. The blue that characterized the background of the Live Tiles has been replaced by a transparency effect, uniform throughout the menu. The icons of the main apps (Office, Microsoft Edge) have been revised according to the dictates of Fluent Design.

The novelties of the Start menu have also been introduced in the dark mode, ready to debut on Windows 10.

The novelties for multitasking in Windows 10

As happens on smartphones, even on the PC you can multitask the open apps. By pressing ALT+TAB buttons simultaneously, you can access the multitasking management panel that lets you see which apps are running. In the new version of Windows 10, a rather important change has been made: now in the multitasking panel, all open tabs in Microsoft Edge are shown and not just the main one.

New taskbar and news for notifications

The changes don't stop at the new Start menu and multitasking. Microsoft has introduced new features for the taskbar as well, giving more freedom of choice to users, especially those who use the Xbox Game Bar or the Your Phone app. In notifications, an X will be added in the top right corner to delete them all with a simple click.

When the new features arrive

All these new features could be released by Microsoft in the coming months, perhaps with the arrival of Windows 10 November Update 2020, the second core update coming later this year. If, on the other hand, you're curious to try them out in preview, you can join the Insider program, but with the risk that some new feature will create problems for you with your PC. It's only recommended for a slightly more experienced audience.