Windows 10, the new virtual keyboard arrives: how it works

Microsoft revamps the Windows 10 virtual keyboard: here's what it will look like and how it works after the update

A better layout for increasingly efficient typing. This is the idea of Microsoft that launches its new virtual keyboard for Windows 10. The integrated touch keyboard will provide users with new animations when pressing keys, sounds and the ability to do internal search to find the GIF you want.

Microsoft's Wonder Bar will then have a whole new design, with layouts optimized for typing and even the ability to move the cursor on the screen directly through the space bar of the touch keyboard. A mechanism that is very similar to that of Apple's iOS operating system, which already allows its users to use the cursor by placing one finger on the space bar and sliding the other to move around the screen. An important new feature for Windows 10, which thus aims to improve the user experience more and more.

Wonder Bar, the new virtual keyboard of Windows 10

The new virtual keyboard comes from Microsoft's work with Windows 10X and brings improvements that will surely be appreciated by users who use it. Among these new Windows 10 functions, surely the one to move the cursor through the space bar will be useful, but there are others as well. Pressing the Windows key and the dot will activate the emoji selector, whose design will be implemented thanks to the inclusion of Microsoft's Fluent Design system.

Also, the new interface will include both the search bar and emoji input, animated GIF support and clipboard history convergence. Microsoft then also announced a new form for dictation, called Voice Typing, with a more modern design for transcribing audio, with improved automatic punctuation. The changes are being tested with Windows Insider, and the virtual keyboard could be available to everyone in the first half of 2021.