Windows 10, the October Update will be super fast

The second major 2020 Windows 10 update won't be that big: for most users, it will be enough to download less than 100 MB of data

The Windows 10 update planned for October, namely the last October Update for 2020, could be much faster than its predecessors. The content of the package available for download, an enablement package that would act on what has already been downloaded and present on the operating system through the previous update dated May 2020, would be the deciding factor.

What does this mean and why do we talk about a fast update? Surely that to proceed with the new update, for a download of about 80MB that with a good connection and an SSD hard drive can be materialized in a matter of a handful of minutes, you must have already done all previous updates. In addition to the May update, already mentioned, it is therefore necessary to add the update dated August. Otherwise, it's better to make up your mind, roll up your sleeves and start downloading the standard version of the upcoming October Update for what amounts to a good 3 GB of data.

October Update: as fast as the November 2019 version

The speed of the package planned for the last part of the year is nothing new. In fact, already last year Windows released in November a much lighter version of the usual updates. The mystery is not a mystery at all: most of the features that are activated during the updates are in fact already present in the operating system, already from Windows 10 version 2004. All that's missing is the final enablement to be able to make a good show on your computer.

Windows October Update: what changes

Although it's mainly a Service Pack with bug fixes that are normally hard to notice, at least as a basic computer user, the new features that jump to the eye are those related to the Start menu and the functionality of the key combination ALT+TAB.

For the Start menu the novelty is mainly a matter of look. In fact, after the update the menu will be able to automatically adapt to the installed theme, with a more modern and clean look without the old tiles present in previous versions.

The key combination ALT+TAB, however, will play an important role by changing the behavior so far known and used by millions of Windows users. When pressing the two keys together, with the October Update it will be possible to preview both the open system windows and those of Edge, the browser developed by the Mountain View company. However, Edge is the only browser that integrates the new feature and, at least for the moment, it is not expected to be extended to other third-party developers.

This behavior can in any case be set from the control panel, allowing a reset to the previous functionality. On the subject of Edge, finally, Microsoft's browser will be included in the October Update. This means that anyone will be forced to download Edge even if they use another browser.