Windows 10 update will bring improvements to Cortana

The Redmond-based company wants to give its voice assistant another chance, giving it a new interface and new features. Here's what it will look like

While most users still have to digest - and download - the May update of Windows 10, Microsoft engineers and developers are already working on the next versions of the operating system. The Redmond-based company, in fact, has established a timeline of semi-annual major updates, during which new features are released and existing ones are improved.

And, according to what leaks from the secret rooms of the company created by Bill Gates, in the update that should arrive between October and November this year, there should be a completely revised and renewed version of Cortana. The artificial intelligence voice assistant designed by Microsoft engineers has not been as successful as hoped and, according to the statements of CEO Nadella, Microsoft prefers to focus on an integration with Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. Nevertheless, Cortana will have another chance to try to convince users to interact with her. For this, in the coming weeks, Microsoft will release a new user interface based on a new artificial intelligence conversational engine.

How will the new Cortana

According to information reported by the online magazine mspoweruser.

According to the online magazine, a developer in Microsoft's beta tester program (the Insider program) has discovered a new Cortana app with new features and a new interface.

The new aspect of Microsoft's digital assistant, as mentioned, should be one with the new conversational engine presented by the Redmond-based company at the beginning of May during the Build conference. This technology should improve Cortana's natural language analysis and make the voice assistant know how to interact better with users. This new system should be introduced very soon, most likely within a few weeks.

Microsoft will also take the opportunity to separate Cortana from the "internal" search engine that allows users to search through files and folders on the hard drive. For this functionality, the Redmond-based company will release a new app, called SearchApp.