Windows 10, what to expect from the April 2019 update

In April, the Windows 10 April Update will arrive: here are all the most important new features and how the operating system will change

While many Windows 10 users are still struggling to digest the unfortunate October Update, which caused so many problems on the PCs on which it was downloaded and installed, Microsoft is preparing to launch the next semi-annual update of its operating system: the Windows 10 April Update.

As we're used to, with the semi-annual update Microsoft introduces many important new features in its operating system. Important news regarding security: Microsoft will release a patch that will correct all the problems caused by the processor flaws discovered last year. At the end of the update Windows will be updated to version 1903 and these are the main changes that the update will bring to our computers with Win 10.

How Windows 10 changes with the April Update

With the next update, Windows will "steal" 7 GB of space on the hard disk to reserve for subsequent updates. Luckily, however, this space will also be usable by applications to park temporary files. If everything will be implemented in the best way, then, we'll find ourselves with 7 GB of space less but we won't have to worry about it much. But this choice of Microsoft could be a problem if instead of an HD we have an SSD, with much less GB of space available.

Windows Home users will then be able to pause updates, but only for a maximum of 7 days. Pro version users will be able to block them for 35 days. In both cases, Windows will not allow you to postpone ongoing updates related to operating system security.

In Windows 10 version 1903, the separation between Cortana and the search box will also debut. Cortana can be activated by clicking on a special button or with the ritual phrase "Hey Cortana", while typing in the box will make a simple text search that can also be reduced to just apps, documents, emails or even web pages that will then be opened in Edge.

Improve OS security

With regard to security, however, Microsoft has had to work a lot to plug the flaws in processors discovered in the last 12 months. With the Windows 10 April 2019 update will come a maxi patch based on the work done by Google programmers (the so-called "Reptoline" patch).

With the Windows 10 April Update, finally, we'll have a new Start menu, which will be lighter and easier to use. For example, it will be displayed in a single column against the current four. The login will also change: it will be possible to do it without entering a password, but it will be necessary to enter an authorization code sent by Microsoft via SMS.