Windows 10, why everyone should use Windows Defender Offline

This is a security tool that allows you to perform anti-malware scanning offline, that is, before the computer loads the operating system

Microsoft has always tried to make its operating system secure, as evidenced by the frequent updates released for Windows 10. One of the most effective tools to detect and remove malware, viruses and other types of infections from your computer is Windows Defender Offline.

Windows Defender is the protection system present by default on Microsoft's operating system. It acts as a normal antivirus, analyzing the PC in real time and blocking the execution of possible malicious programs. The offline version offers a higher degree of protection, since it acts before the operating system is loaded. As it is known, malware comes into operation as soon as Windows starts, altering some processes and sometimes disabling the antivirus itself. As a result, it becomes difficult for the protection program to find and eliminate them. Windows Defender Offline scans for malware before the computer starts Windows 10, that is, when the virus is still in a "dormant" phase.

The offline tool, therefore, is a kind of enhanced extension of Windows Defender, useful in many occasions. It is advisable to run the antivirus when, for example, Windows Defender reveals the presence of an infection on the machine. And not only that. We can also run Windows Defender Offline to conduct a preventive analysis, especially if we suspect that our computer has been affected by malware. How to use it? It is very simple. You just need to implement a series of quick steps. Here's what they are.

How to use Windows Defender Offline

Go to Windows Defender settings. Don't know how to do it? In "Search in Windows" (the search bar you'll find in the bottom left corner) type "Windows Defender Security Center". Then, from the next screen, find and select 'Virus and Threat Protection' and click on 'Scan History'. Now you should first click on "Advanced Scans" and then on "Windows Defender Offline".

All you have to do now is click on "Run Scan". The computer will be restarted and Windows Defender Offline will perform the anti-malware analysis, which may take up to 15 minutes.

To see if the tool has found and eliminated any threats you need to go back to the "Windows Defender Security Center", select "Virus and Threat Protection", press "Scan History" and then "View Full History".