Windows 10x, the features and supported devices

A Microsoft internal document reveals some of the specifications of the new operating system designed for "hybrid" devices. Very similar to OS for smartphones

From today we know something more about Windows 10X, the next operating system from Microsoft for the Surface Neo and other devices, perhaps many more than initially thought. According to the latest rumors, the X version of Windows 10 will be quite a bit different than the classic one.

Microsoft, in fact, has let slip an internal document describing some of the features of the next Windows 10X, especially with regard to the user interface. Which, from what we read in the leaked document on the network, will be much simpler and more intuitive than that of normal Windows 10. On the other hand, the new Surface Neo, coming in 2020, has been announced as a revolutionary device, which will require a dedicated interface due to the complexity of its two screens that close like a clamshell, the retractable keyboard and the virtual touch screen.

Windows 10X: not only on the Surface Neo

But it won't be only the Surface Neo that will be able to use Windows 10X: from the document we read in fact that it could be adopted also on many dual touch screen devices (both foldable and clamshell), even less complex than the Neo, but also on some laptops. Unfortunately, Microsoft's internal document doesn't add much more.

Windows 10X: goodbye Start Menu

Some parts of Windows 10X are very different from the classic Windows 10 equivalents. The Start menu, for example, is being transformed into the "Launcher," and is much more like a smartphone Home button than the old menu. It will also be very search-centric: from the Launcher it will be possible to search for apps and files both inside the device and outside, on the Internet. There will also be recommended content that will be dynamically updated based on the user's use of the device.

Windows 10X: the Action Center and the new File Manager

Files, moreover, will be able to be managed through a "Modern File Manager" that, it seems, will focus everything on the convenience of navigating within folders. There will also be a simplified and clean Action Center for app notifications, making it possible to change the main and most used settings on the fly.

Windows 10X: new facial recognition

Windows 10X will also improve Windows Hello facial recognition: "When the screen turns on, you are immediately taken to the authentication screen - explains Microsoft's internal document - When the device wakes up, Windows Hello Face immediately recognizes the user and will immediately switch to the desktop."