Windows 7, Microsoft forced to release a new update

Microsoft has announced the arrival of a free update for Windows 7 that will solve the black screen problem

Microsoft has admitted that Windows 7 has a bug that makes it complicated to use your PC. This is the "black screen bug" that we already talked about last week and that was discovered by a group of users after the latest update released for the operating system (codenamed KB4534310). After many reports received, the Redmond company had to confess the presence of a flaw that "shatters" the wallpaper chosen by users, with the screen of Windows 7 that becomes completely black.

Microsoft technicians are already working to find a solution and in the next update of the operating system will be released a fix. This update will be released for all users, even for those who haven't paid the extension for security updates. Since January 14, 2020, in fact, the Redmond company no longer supports Windows 7 and updates are dedicated only to those who have purchased an ad hoc extension. But the seriousness of the bug has forced Microsoft to release the update for everyone.

To fix the bug there is also a workaround that allows you to fix the problem without having to wait for the update. Here's how to do it.

Windows 7, coming update to fix the bug

Microsoft has made it known that it is working on an update that puts an end to all the problems. The update affects Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 operating systems. The Redmond company at first had declared that the update was dedicated only to those who had purchased the ad hoc extension. But after a little less than twelve hours it has come back on its steps: the solution to the problem will be released free of charge to everyone, without any restriction. Microsoft has been forced to admit its mistake and in order not to displease its users has decided to make the update available to all those who use Windows 7. The solution should arrive by February 11.

How to fix Windows 7 black screen bug

Those who do not want to wait for the update, can try to fix the bug with a workaround. According to some users, in fact, the screen turns black only in case the image chosen for the wallpaper is not the right size. When it is too small and the user uses the "Fill" function, the system goes haywire and the screen is shown black. Just press "Center" and everything will be fine again. So, just use a graphics program to fix the bug and have your favorite image as a wallpaper.