Windows Vista, the date when support will be ended is approaching

From April 11, Windows Vista will no longer see any updates. Users have less than thirty days to upgrade to one of the latest versions

As anticipated a few weeks ago, Microsoft will soon end support for Windows Vista. Users who are still using the old operating system have until April 11 to switch to one of the newer versions.

This means that, once the deadline has passed, PCs still running Windows Vista will no longer be updated against possible threats and vulnerabilities. Exactly as it happened previously with Windows XP, when in 2014 Microsoft decided to stop the service. Redmond, however, should not meet much resistance: compared to XP, one of the most popular OSes among the Windows audience, Vista has not been as successful as the Californian company hoped. According to NetMarketShare, the operating system is installed on not even 1% of computers.

Microsoft is pushing for Windows 10

Usersers of the old, underperforming OS may decide to switch to Windows 7, which should receive update patches until 2020, to Windows 8, or to Windows 10. Microsoft hopes, by necessity, that the choice will fall on the latest and safest operating system. Obviously, however, not everyone will be able to do so. It is assumed, in fact, that Vista is installed mainly on old machines, not very compatible with Windows 10. If you opt for the new Redmond OS, you should also consider changing or updating the components of your device.

Hacker risk

There will be, therefore, less than thirty days to install a new operating system. And it is strongly recommended to do so. A pc without protection is like a house without doors. After April 11, Microsoft will not release any update patches against new vulnerabilities. Users who still continue to use Windows Vista after this date risk putting their data at risk.