WindTre arrives the first remodulation: how offers change

WindTre has announced the first offer remodulations for some customers who had economically unsustainable rates. Here's what's happening

After the first period of adjustment, the new operator WindTre, born from the merger of the two old brands, has begun to remodel some offers. With the merger, in fact, each customer has brought "behind" the old rate, which in some cases has become unsustainable compared to the new offers of the phone company. For this reason, WindTre has launched the first remodulation of its history, forcing some customers to switch from one offer to another.

We do not yet know which tariffs are involved in the remodulation, but in some cases the increase comes up to 4 euros more per month. The official communication came via an SMS announcing the start of the tariff change from July 13, 2020. All customers affected by the remodulation will see activated on their phone number the offer MIA 40 Special Edition that provides unlimited minutes and 40 Giga of traffic per month at a cost of 10.99 euros. As always happens in these cases, customers can withdraw from the offer by July 12. Here are all the news.

WindTre, here is the first remodulations: 4 euros more per month

In the last few days some WindTre customers have received the following message: "Contract changes: from July 13, 2020, your offer changes to MIA 40 - Special Edition due to the economic unsustainability of using your current plan. You have Min. Unlimited and 40 GB, at a cost of 10.99E/month. At the end of the included data traffic: an additional 1GB at 0.99E/day. For more details on the offer click on Right of withdrawal by July 12, 2020 with Racc. A/R, PEC, 159, from Customer Area, WINDTRE stores or change operator without penalty. For info on withdrawal go to"

The first to give the news were colleagues at mondomobileweb and for the moment we do not know which offers are part of the remodeling plan. It is known, however, the reason that led the new operator to change the offer to some customers: the economic unsustainability of the tariff. WindTre has decided to activate the Mia 40 Special Edition offer for these users: unlimited minutes and 40GB of traffic data at 10.99 euros per month. The increase becomes effective from July 13, 2020.

How to withdraw from the offer

As happens with the remodulations of all telephone operators, users have until the day before the increase takes effect (in this case July 12, 2020) to withdraw from the contract at no additional cost. To do so, you can send a registered letter, write a PEC email, go to a WindTre point of sale, call 159 or send a request through the customer area of the phone operator.