WindTre kicks off, coverage, offers, customer service, opinions

WindTre is the new mobile operator that takes the place of Wind and Tre. Here are the offers, signal quality, coverage and services offered

With the start of the TV commercials we can finally say that Wind and Tre have given birth to the new operator WindTre. This is the name chosen by the two companies to give continuity to their almost twenty-year history in Italy. The start of operations is set for March 16, the day on which all Wind and Tre customers will join the new mobile operator. It will be a gradual transition that will not create any kind of inconvenience to users.

WindTre will offer rates for both fixed and mobile networks. The goal is to become one of the largest operators at national level with a network that covers the entire Italian territory. And in the coming months is also expected the launch of the 5G network with the coverage of the first Italian capitals. As for the offers is being defined the official list: the highlight will be the monthly subscriptions with 150GB of traffic data. Here's everything you need to know about the new operator WindTre.

WindTre, the offers

About the offers there are still no confirmations and we must wait until March 16 to see what rates will present the new mobile operator. In these days there are rumors about the possible tariffs for the launch of WindTre, both for fixed line and mobile.

For fixed line customers the new offer should be called MIA and present three different types of offer: MIA Super Fibra, MIA Plus and MIA Smart. There are still few details about the thresholds and prices, but all three offers should leave a lot of freedom to users who will be able to customize them.

For the mobile sector, a rather large number of new offers are also being worked on. More than 100 tariffs are speculated to be launched, including all-inclusive subscriptions with 150GB of traffic data and the possibility to buy a new smartphone in installments. Prices of monthly subscriptions should range from a minimum of 5.99 euros to a maximum of 25-30 euros.

WindTre, coverage and signal quality

One of the advertising messages used by WindTre for the launch of the new brand is "surf at the highest possible speed". The merger of the two companies brings as a dowry a network that covers 99% of the Italian territory and is able to offer excellent speed in both download and upload.

WindTre, 5G arrives

WindTre's 5G network is also ready and will begin operating within the month of July in the main Italian cities. The goal is to cover 90% of the Italian territory within a few years. The name given to the new network is 5G Ready.

WindTre, what will be the services offered

In addition to the name of the operator, will also change the name of some services offered until now to the customers of the two companies.

For the answering machine the number will be 4200 (the costs will remain the same), while the service "Ti Ho Cercato" available until now for Tre customers will have the same name, but will not be active by default. The MyWind SMS service will be replaced by Ti Ho Cercato. Finally, Callback by Tre will take the name of RingMe.

WindTre, the number for customer assistance

The call center that will handle calls from customers of the WindTre brand will also be unique.

WindTre, the new SIM cards

The new SIM cards are also ready for those who decide to activate a new offer or make the switch to WindTre. They will be of two colors, orange and white, and will have the ICCID code 893988. Distribution will begin on March 16.

WindTre, the application

For WindTre customers there will also be an application with the same name that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

What changes for those who are customers of Tre or Wind

For those who are customers of Wind or Tre there will be no major changes in everyday life. You will be able to continue using your SIM card with the same tariff plan or monthly subscription. You will only have to update the application to continue to manage everything from your smartphone. The transition will be gradual and will begin in the coming days, as announced in the message that is arriving to customers of the two operators in these hours: "On 16/3 from the union of Wind and 3 WINDTRE was born, to be much closer with the largest network in Italy. You will continue to use your services as always, taking advantage of the performance of our TOP Quality Network tested by the German company umlaut. Keep on following us! In the next days we will communicate you the other news reserved to you."