WindTre, triggers the first remodulation: here’s who pays more

WindTre has triggered the first remodulation in its history: in some cases users' offers have increased by up to 4 euros per month

Some WindTre customers have received bad news: since July 13 they no longer have their tariff, which has been replaced by the offer "MIA 40 Special Edition", which costs 10.99 euros per month, that is up to 4 euros more than some previous offers.

WindTre, in practice, has completely unilaterally replaced the old tariff of some users with the new one. Which is not bad for what it offers, but it's not what users wanted. Who, at most, could ask for the withdrawal of the contract or change operator in search of a better offer for their needs. This is the first unilateral remodulation by the new operator, born from the merger of Wind and Three on March 16, 2020. The thing that annoyed most users forced to change tariff, however, was the reason given by the company.

Why WindTre changed tariff

In the messages received by users as a notice of the change of offer, WindTre said: "from July 13, 2020 your offer changes to MIA 40 - Special Edition due to the economic unsustainability of using your current plan". That is, the old offer was no longer convenient for WindTre, which thus decided to change it with a more convenient one (for the company, but not necessarily for the user). In the same message WindTre communicated, correctly, the terms for the right of withdrawal and the possibility to change operator without incurring penalties.

WindTre: the offer MIA 40 Special Edition

But, in essence, what changes for users with the new offer? First of all, the price, which rises to 10.99 euros per month. It's not little, but it includes unlimited minutes, and 40 GB of data traffic per month. At the end of these 40 GB triggers additional pricing: 99 cents for each Giga consumed. But there is also a mystery, because according to MondoMobileWeb reports other users have received a different offer: unlimited minutes, 300 SMS, 40 GB at a price of 8.99 euros. Even in this case, however, WindTre has communicated the possibility to withdraw by July 12 and change operator without penalty.

We do not know well what are the offers that have undergone the remodulation, but in most cases these are old rates that with the merger between the two operators have become out of the market.