WiSoccero, the future of soccer is in robots. Photo and video

A U.S. startup has developed WiSoccero, the first robots to reproduce a soccer game with robots. Here's how it works

Think of being able to control every single movement of the players on the field and decide the team's tactics. Every action can be the decisive one for the victory. And above all, this is not a video game like Fifa.

We are talking about WiSoccero, a project launched on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter by the startup Petunia Tech, ready to revolutionize the world of soccer. At least the "technological" one. The idea of WiSoccero is very special: each person controls robots through a controller, and as if it were a video game, directs the movements of the robots that make up its "team" (in the photo gallery above explained). (in the photo gallery above is explained how it works).  The operation is very similar to that of Rocket League, a video game that in the last year has achieved great success especially on platforms such as Twitch.

How it works WiSoccero

(Taken from Kickstarter)

The shape of the "players" is very reminiscent of that of an electric car: the robot is formed by two wheels that allow the movement and the ball can be hit with any part of the device. The goal is, logically, to score, but being able to direct the ball and control the movement of your robots is not very simple. In addition to the wheels, the "players" are made up of an Arduino board and a series of sensors that allow them to move and understand their surroundings.

How to control the robots

One of the main problems that the US startup had to solve is how to control the robots. After dozens of attempts they managed to find the (almost) perfect controller: the Xbox one. The joypad to be able to adapt perfectly with the robots is slightly different, but the shape remains the same.

How WiSoccero matches work

Before WiSoccero becomes something official, it will be necessary to wait a few years and hope that the company can reach the goal set by the fundraising: 5000 dollars. The games should be played in a field no larger than four, five meters, with challenges 1 against 1. For real games with 22 robots on the field, you will have to wait a while.

Price and shipping

To buy WiSoccero you must spend an amount of 299 dollars (just over 285 euros) and you will have two robots and two joysticks. Worldwide shipments will start in May 2017.