WitcherCon: il programma completo per i fan di The Witcher

Netflix e CD Projekt Red annunciano per il 9 luglio WitcherCon: il primo evento virtuale globale dedicato ai fan del videogioco e della serie The Witcher


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Twitch e YouTube sono le piattaforme scelte per ospitare in streaming il  9 luglio alle 19:00 e una seconda programmazione il 10 luglio alle 3:00 la WitcherCon. A presentare l’evento annunciato da Netflix e CD Projekt Red sarà la conduttrice britannica Julia Hardy. WitcherCon will be a celebration of the universe of Rivia: online actors and creators will interact with fans.

The Witcher tells of a world inhabited by humans, elves and other magical creatures. This diversity causes unstable balances. The witchers are, in this universe, mutant warriors who fight the monsters that want to kill the civilized population. Among all, the witcher par excellence is Geralt of Rivia: a warrior with special powers who kills for money. The story of the TV series landed on Netflix and the video games by CD Projekt Red is based on the events of this indomitable fighter. Millions of fans are expected to stream programming from the world of Geralt of Rivia: WitcherCon will be a real treat.

WitcherCon: kicks off with The Witcher 2 Cards of Destiny

The official WitcherCon schedule includes a first meeting between series showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich and several cast members including Anya Chalotra, Paul Bullion and others, who will draw, from a mysterious deck, cards. Each one carries with it a fan question. This random draw will determine the fate of the guests. There will be no shortage of surprise revelations and backstage insights.

WitcherCon: Travel Memories and Beyond Video Games

WitcherCon continues, curated by CD Projekt Red, and features the part called Travel Memories in which the game's developers will reveal the secret stories that have captivated millions of gamers around the world. Old memories and shocking unreleases from the creators of The Witcher. 

The minds of the saga will continue to keep the attention high in the third part of WitcherCon called Geralt of T-Rivia: the creators themselves will test their historical knowledge of the game.

Following this will be the latest details about comic books and possible board games inspired by The Witcher by CD Projekt Red.

Tales of the white wolf in the last part of WitcherCon

In the last part of the schedule we find the absolute protagonist of the Geralt of Rivia series, Henry Cavill, who will have a real conversation with fans thanks to the moderation of Josh Horowitz, former host of MTV and Comedy Central.

He will answer their questions, talk about fantasy and who knows, probably reveal some curiosity and surprise regarding the second season of The Witcher.