With the new Vodafone TV Box, all you need is your voice to find movies and TV series

Vodafone launches a new TV box equipped with a microphone and voice commands: it's easy to use even for a child, but luckily there's parental control.

It's called TV Box Pro and it's the new Vodafone TV Box that, compared to its predecessor, offers a long-awaited feature: voice control. The box is also different aesthetically, with a more compact and modern design and, above all, has a redesigned interface that changes the way you use it for the better.

The new TV Box Pro will be included in the Vodafone TV Sport Plus and Entertainment offers, while those who already have the old model at home can ask for the new one by paying 59 euros and returning the TV Box they already have. With the new TV Box Pro Vodafone aims to offer a more immediate user experience of its Vodafone TV offer, even for children who cannot yet read and write. Also dedicated to them is the new Kids area, which debuts together with the TV Box Pro and allows parents to set which content their children can watch independently.

How Vodafone TV works with the new TV Box Pro

Vodafone TV is available to all Vodafone Fibre customers with three different offers: Vodafone TV Entertainment and NOW Entertainment at €12 per month, Vodafone TV Sport Plus and NOW Sport at €30 per month and Vodafone TV Sport Plus and Entertainment and NOW Sport and Entertainment at €40 per month.

From now on, those who subscribe to one of the last two offers will have the new TV Box Pro which, like the previous model, is compatible with 4K resolution and DVB-T2. Vodafone TV is in fact a hybrid platform to watch both digital terrestrial channels and on-demand content from the main streaming services.

Through the respective apps, in fact, Vodafone TV customers can watch programming from Netflix, Prime Video, NOW, CHILI, Infinity, YouTube and other platforms.

The new TV Box Pro remote control

The Vodafone TV Box Pro remote control has two buttons dedicated to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, while all other apps are accessible from the software interface. There is also a button on the remote to activate the microphone and give voice commands.

The setup is very similar to Google TV because both platforms are basically aggregators of user-searchable content. It is therefore possible to activate the microphone and issue the command "Show me a comedy" in order to see on screen all the comedies present on all the services to which you have subscribed.

Vodafone TV: the new Kids area

Due to the simplicity of use of this interface, which can be used after a very short learning cycle even by a child, the parental control included in the Kids area is fundamental. Parents can create a child profile and set an age range, according to which only content suitable for that age will be proposed to the child.