With Valencell, blood pressure is measured with your smartphone

Developed by Valencell, the optical sensor for mobile devices measures blood pressure accurately. Coming soon to the first smartphones

Can a smartphone help us keep our blood pressure under control? The answer is yes, if you take into consideration the invention developed by a group of American researchers. The scientists of Valencell have developed a fingerprint sensor capable of measuring blood pressure.

The innovative technology, created by the team of the company specialized in biometric solutions, represents a step forward towards the use of smartphones in the medical field. Among other things, it adds to the many inventions that in recent years have sought to use the mobile device as a tool to perform scientific measurements and analyses. This is the case, for example, of the smartphone cover that monitors genetic mutations of DNA. Or of the iPhone gadget capable of identifying some of the most aggressive cancers. These inventions have considerable advantages because they allow immediate and reliable diagnosis.

The sensor for measuring pressure

But let's go back to the biometric sensor. To measure pressure, simply place a finger on the biometric reader. The technology lends itself to be very useful. Think about people who have some discomfort with their blood pressure and are forced to keep track of it all day long. Instead of going home and using the current detection tools, they can simply use a smartphone. It must be said, however, that at the moment Valencell's sensor is only a prototype and has not yet been incorporated into any mobile device. The company, however, has already proven on several occasions that the biometric reader works properly.

The next step for Valencell will be to integrate the optical pressure reader into early smartphones and other wearable devices. In fact, the company would like to include the optical sensor in earbuds as well.