Woolet, the smart wallet that alerts you if you’ve been robbed

Handcrafted, the wallet inside has a few sensors that alarm the owner if it's lost or stolen. It costs $129

Beware of pickpockets. Looking up while we are in the subway or bus the first thing we often notice is this phrase. The citizens of Rome and Milan know something about it. And sometimes it becomes really difficult to notice that a quick hand is ready to steal something from our pockets.

Technology could once again come to our rescue, thanks to a truly ingenious invention: a smart wallet that alerts the owner when someone tries to take it away. A small device that is able to launch an alarm as soon as it moves away from the victim and allow the unfortunate to follow, like a bloodhound, the tracks of the thief. Woolet, this is the name of the innovative device, looks like a normal purse, aesthetically beautiful and elegant. Inside, however, the wallet turns into a device that has nothing to envy to smart objects, thanks to special sensors.

Features of Woolet

Before moving on to the operation and internal features let's stop again on the external appearance. The smart wallet is made in Europe, hand-stitched from genuine Italian leather. That said, let's start talking about the most interesting aspect: the internal sensors that allow you to never lose sight of the device. At the heart of the technology is the Bluetooth radio connection and a battery that lasts on average 6 months. Battery that can be recharged wirelessly, thanks to the integration of Qi technology. The hi-tech wallet also mounts speakers, which trigger when the device moves away from the owner (they produce an intensity that can reach up to 90 decibels).

Synchronizes with your smartphone

An important role is played by the appropriate application, through which you can manage the smart device. As mentioned, the sensors allow you to keep track of your wallet: useful when, for example, you forget your purse somewhere, or when it is stolen. The device, in fact, sends notifications to the smartphone as soon as it is out of reach of the user.


There are two versions, which can be purchased directly from the company's website. The basic one, Woolet 2.0, costs $129, while the "premium" one, Woolet Travel XL, which is larger than the starter model, is priced at $149.