World’s Most Wanted: the TV series about the worst criminals in the world

The new Netflix docu-series tells the story of the 5 criminals most wanted by the FBI and still at large. Among them also an Italian: here's how to watch it

World's Most Wanted, literally the most wanted in the world, is the new docu-series available from August 5, 2020 on Netflix. It consists of five episodes and each one focuses on a dangerous criminal, still on the run, wanted without results by the FBI.

Stage after scene we retrace his story, the crime and the investigation. There is no lack of real testimonies, images taken from security cameras, but also documents and interviews released by the police. In short, all episodes are designed to immerse the viewer in the story and especially go over with him all the events related to the criminal protagonist of the episode. Netflix is not new to this genre: with Unsolved Mysteries it brought the public to retrace the case of the death in mysterious circumstances of Alonzo Brooks obtaining a discreet success. The documentary series is therefore ideal for those who feel they have the soul of a criminologist.

World's Most Wanted: who are the five most dangerous wanted men in the world

As mentioned, each episode will focus on a particular criminal. The first one is dedicated to Mayo Zambada, one of the leaders together with El Chapo Guzman of the Sinaloa cartel. This character has managed to escape numerous attempts at arrest and is still wanted by the FBI, which is currently offering a $5 million reward to anyone who can provide information capable of finding this drug dealer.

The second episode deals with the macabre affair of Félicien Kabuga, the man allegedly responsible for the Rwandan genocide that took place in the 1990s. This businessman has completely disappeared from circulation. It then addresses the figure of Samantha Lewthwaite, known as the White Widow. She is accused of exterminating 400 people with her terrorist group Al Shabaab.

The fourth episode deals with the events related to the criminal Semen Judkovyč Mohylevyč, a Russian mafia boss. He is known to the FBI as the "boss of bosses" or the most dangerous gangster in the world. He is accused of arms trafficking, extortion, drug trafficking, international prostitution and numerous murders. He currently lives in Moscow (or so it is said) and although there are several warrants of arrest, no one comes to arrest him. In short, the story is complicated, but the documentary offers the opportunity to understand the dynamics.

The last episode is dedicated to a famous Italian criminal, the Sicilian boss Matteo Messina Denaro, still at large. According to the documentary, he's still involved in drug trafficking and other crimes, but no one can find him.

How to watch World's Most Wanted streaming online?

The docu-series has been available since August on Netflix, but is banned for children under 14. The audio is also available in Italian, as are the subtitles, but you can also choose to follow it in its original language, English. Just access the app from your smart TV or other device and search for World's Most Wanted in the search bar. After selecting the content and clicking on Play, the first episode will start automatically.