Wossip, the Android app for spying on WhatsApp contacts

Wossip allows users to monitor their contacts' WhatsApp usage, including time spent online and offline

Many people, if they could, would spend their days spying on their contacts. No matter the platform: their goal is to snoop on other people's lives. Wossip is an application designed especially for them: it allows you to keep an eye on your friends on WhatsApp.

Let's get one thing straight: the application does not allow you to intercept and read messages exchanged between a user's contacts. Besides, it would be illegal. The main feature of Wossip, available on the Google Play Store, is to allow subscribers of the most popular instant messaging app to monitor the activity of their contacts. Let's try to be more explicit. Through the little program, developed by Mobile Innovation, it is possible to know how long our friends have been online on WhatsApp or if they have updated their profile picture and more.

How Wossip works

Wossip not only provides information about the number of hours and minutes spent by contacts on WhatsApp, but offers much more. Users, in fact, can also know the time in which friends have been available online. With good peace of mind to all those who, normally, to justify the non-reading of a message, claim as an excuse to have been offline. And that's not all. Wossip, just to complicate life for those who don't like to be disturbed, sends notifications every time a person changes image, their status comes back online or exits WhatsApp.

It's not free

In addition to being of dubious usefulness - it could be used, as the programmers write, by parents to control their children's WhatsApp usage - Wossip is also pay-as-you-go. After 24 hours of free trial, in order to use it, in fact, you must purchase a subscription that can be seven days, monthly or semi-annual. For six months of use you need to shell out just over ten euros.