WWDC 2019: what news Apple to expect

WWWDC 2019 kicks off on June 3 at 7 p.m. Italian time. Expected important news for iOS 13 and macOS 10.15; few innovations, however, for watchOS and tvOS

The big doubt, or interpretative key, lies in the figure of the unicorn that stands in the center of the invitation. A simple stylistic choice or will it have to do with some unexpected news? To find out we just have to wait a few hours. The start of the Worldwide Developer Conference 2019 (WWDC 2019) is scheduled for 7 p.m. (Italian time) on June 3 and, a few tens of minutes later, we'll know what Apple has in store for fans and industry analysts.

As the name suggests, the WWDC is a conference organized by the Cupertino-based company to present to developers the latest news in terms of operating systems and various software, both for PC and smartphones. Usually, however, the Apple management always reserves some surprise "hardware" to the millions of fans around the world and this year's edition should not be outdone. But what will Apple present at WWDC 2019? Certainly ample space will be devoted to the new iOS 13, with probable news for the iPad Pro interface; there will be no shortage of opportunity to present macOS 10.15 which, as the usual well-informed claim, should integrate the Marzipan system; there will also be tvOS 13 and watchOS 6, the operating systems for the Apple TV and Apple Watch. But, as mentioned, it is likely that Tim Cook will reserve time for one more thing, as in the good old days.

Let's see together what to expect from WWDC 2019.

News iOS 13

The main protagonist of the evening should be - and in all likelihood will be - iOS 13. The new version of the mobile operating system will launch three months ahead of the 2019 iPhone XI (to the 2019 iPhone XIs, since at least three are expected) and the iPhone SE 2. But what's new in iOS 13? According to rumors - now almost a certainty - the biggest news will be the introduction of dark mode, which will convert the colors of the iPhone and iPad interface on command. Just a switch to switch from the usual coloring to shades of gray and black. This will allow to save battery (on OLED models) and to tire less the sight in the night hours.

Some "native" apps (those developed by Apple, just to understand) should be renewed. According to rumors, among these there should be a new "Find My", which will combine both the Find My iPhone app and the Find My Friends app in a single product. According to some rumors, this novelty is related to the launch of a new Apple device, a small GPS tracker that the Cupertino company should launch soon. In addition, the 3D Touch feature should be deprecated (eliminated, in technical jargon), replaced by some new gestures.

The GUI should also undergo some changes, but, most likely, only for the iPad version. A new Home screen could appear on the tablet, more suitable to manage apps in multitasking than the current one. In addition, a new version of File should arrive, while some speculate the introduction of support for external mice. If so, the iPad Pro (which already supports a physical keyboard) would become the most serious competitor to Macbooks.

New macOS 10.15

As mentioned, what should be the biggest news in macOS 10.15 bears the code name of Marzipan. But what is Marzipan? According to the usual well-informed, it should be a new system that will allow developers to make apps for iPad and "transform" them easily into programs for iMac and Macbook. The attempts seen so far have not been exciting (to put it mildly) and many hope that Cupertino's developers have finally managed to find the right solution and create a porting method that allows you to get better results.

Another great news will concern iTunes. After years and years of honorable career, Apple's multimedia player is destined for retirement. Or rather, to be more precise, it is destined to be dismembered. According to some rumors circulated in recent weeks, iTunes should make way for Music, Podcasts, TV and books. In short, a new application for each feature.

Some analysts, then, argue that the next macOS should include a feature that would allow you to use the iPad as a secondary screen. On this feature, however, there is the utmost secrecy and, probably, it will not be presented in WWDC 2019.

WWWDC 2019 watchOS 6 and tvOS 13

As for the other two operating systems of Apple's house, there should be no big news on the horizon. No more than a couple of months ago, the Cupertino-based company dedicated an entire event to the Apple TV world, with the launch of the Apple TV+ streaming service and Apple TV Channels. During WWDC 2019, therefore, there should be no other big surprises. More or less similar for watchOS 6: beyond a few new apps (such as Dose, to remind you to take your medication, or Cycles, to track your menstrual cycles), the operating system for Apple Watch should not present any major news.

One more thing

But what could be that one more thing that Apple reserves every time for its millions of fans? According to the usual well-informed, it should be a new version of the Mac Pro, the high-end desktop PC of the bitten apple renewed for the last time in 2013 and since then updated only at the hardware level. This is probably the "oldest" product in the Apple line and that needs a revamp. It should not be excluded, however, that a new iPhone will be presented on stage. Perhaps an economical and compact applephone, heir to that iPhone SE still very popular.