WWDC 2020, what will be presented: from the farewell to iOS to the new Macs

Everything is ready for Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2020: the new iPhoneOS operating system and MacBooks with ARM processors could be presented

Today starts the WWDC 2020, the event that every year Apple organizes for developers and where they are presented the new software (and in some cases also hardware) of the Cupertino company. The Wolrdwide Developers Conference 202o will be a bit 'special: for the first time it will be only online due to the pandemic that forces us to respect the rules for social distancing. The appointment is for Monday, June 22 at 19:00 Italian, but already now we can there are some anticipations about what will be presented.

There is great anticipation about iOS 14, the new version of the mobile operating system that should change its name. In fact, Jon Prosser, journalist always very informed about the Apple world, has dropped the bomb: iOS will be retired to make way for iPhoneOS. Users, however, should not worry, there will be no momentous change at the interface level. Apple just wants to identify more and more the operating system to the device on which it is used. News also regarding the other operating systems, starting with macOS and watchOS. Here's what Apple should present at WWDC 2020.

Goodbye iOS, welcome iPhoneOS

For the moment this is just an indiscretion, but if confirmed it would certainly be a big news: Apple could change the name of the iPhone operating system. iOS would be sent to the attic to make way for iPhoneOS. The choice would also have a logic: already last year iOS13 for iPad has been renamed in iPadOS and the same has happened in the past years with macOS, watchOS and tvOS. The chances that this will happen for the iPhone as well are very high.

In addition to the name, what will be the other new features Apple has in store for the iPhone? Widgets on the smartphone's homepage, new features for the fitness app and iMessage, and a general improvement in performance. In addition, the ability to set third-party apps as defaults could be introduced.

What watchOS 7 will look like

Sleep monitoring could finally be coming to the Apple Watch thanks to watchOS 7. It's been rumored for years that the Cupertino-based company might bring this feature to its smartwatches, but so far it hasn't been seen, mainly due to high battery consumption. Sleep monitoring will also be present within the Health app and the user will be able to analyze the quality of their rest at any time.

Improvements also regarding parental controls, so as to give the possibility to parents to better control what their children do with the Apple Watch.

New features on macOS 10.16 and tvOS 14

Very little information is available about the new version of macOS, number 10.16. Most likely it will be an update that will bring small novelties to the various applications and will try to improve the general stability of Macs.

Very similar speech regarding tvOS 14. The Apple TV operating system will undergo a few changes, mainly designed to create an increasingly Applecentric ecosystem.

All the software news

Not only software lives Apple. In fact. Devices have become more and more important for the Cupertino company and at WWDC 2020 many new features are expected.

Let's start with computers. The iMac could undergo a makeover with much thinner and especially symmetrical bezels. But the biggest news concerns the internal components: the first ARM processors produced directly by Apple will be announced. Goodbye to Intel chipsets that have characterized so far the MacBooks and space for ARM CPU made in-house. Finally, the last two novelties could concern AirTag, that is the small device that helps to track objects, and Apple Studio, the first headphones with earpieces of the Cupertino company.

How to follow the WWDC 2020

The event will be broadcast live streaming on Apple's official channels: the appointment is for 19:00 on June 22, 2020.