Xbox Live down today, what’s going on

Xbox Live has been down since 9:50 pm on March 15 and won't allow any users to log in. Here's what's going on

Update 23:30

The problem has been fixed. Xbox posted a message on its social accounts, "We are aware that many users may encounter errors when logging in or during match-making on Xbox Live and we are currently ascertaining these circumstances."

Original article

Xbox Live is down. Microsoft's online gaming service for the Xbox is down and not allowing users to access their favorite games. The problems have been occurring since 9:50 p.m. on March 15 and seem to have affected users all over the world, not just in Italy. All Xbox games that require a connection to Xbox Live to play are currently unreachable.

In just a few minutes the comments have become dozens on social networks, with thousands of users looking for an explanation as to why Xbox Live is not working. Even the website dedicated to Xbox Live has problems and does not allow access, a sign that the problem is serious and has hit the service hard. For the moment there is no news from Microsoft's technicians, but surely they are working to solve the situation. In these days the Networks are overloaded by the great traffic caused by the Coronavirus: with most of the guys locked up at home, many have found an outlet on the online servers. And this could have caused the down of Xbox Live.

Why Xbox Live won't work on March 15

From Call of Duty through Rainbow Six Siege, all major online shooters are not reachable by Xbox users. The reason is very clear and simple: Xbox Live is down. The Microsoft service that allows you to access the online servers of many video games is down and does not allow access to your profile to gamers. The reasons for the problem are unknown, but the problem seems to be very big, since it doesn't only affect Italy. Looking at the map of reports on, a portal that shows when an app or a service doesn't work, you can see that they come from all over the World. And in Italy the reports are increasing every minute. We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated