Xbox Live is down today, what’s going on

Since 9:45 p.m. on August 28, Xbox Live is down and not allowing users to access their personal profiles and play

Xbox Live is down and not allowing players to log into their accounts. Microsoft's service created to give users the ability to play online has been down since 9:45pm on August 28. In just a few minutes, hundreds of gamers have reported that they are unable to connect to their Xbox Live account.

It is not a problem with the console or your Internet connection, but it is Microsoft's service that is down. On, a site that collects reports from gamers when an app is down, there are dozens of comments from users looking for an explanation as to why Xbox Live isn't working. The problems are confirmed by Microsoft itself, which on the online page dedicated to the status of the service, reports inefficiencies in Xbox Live. On the page it says that there are problems with services and games and that access is limited. In fact, it is not really possible to enter your personal account and access your favorite games. Microsoft technicians are certainly working to solve the problem, we will follow the story and keep you updated.

Why Xbox Live is not working on August 28

Of the various services offered by Xbox Live, the only one to have problems are the "Xbox Live Basic Services" that allow you to access, create, manage and recover your account. On the internet page dedicated to the status of the service it is stated that "Our technicians and developers are working on resolving the Xbox Live access problem encountered by some members. Thank you for your patience, please check back later." However, the reasons for the Xbox Live downtime are not explained. Most likely it is some problem that involved the platform's servers and do not allow users to access.

We will see if in the next few hours the disruption will be resolved, we will keep you updated.

Update 10:45 pm. The problem has been resolved