Xbox Lockhart, how much will it cost the low-cost console

Microsoft is preparing to launch its low-cost console Xbox Lockhart: the first rumors about the features and price

The consoles "next-gen" of Sony and Microsoft have not yet arrived on the market, but already there is insistent talk of their low-cost versions. This is because both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will have a cost that is unlikely to fall much below 500 euros.

As already happened to the Sony PS5 Digital Edition in recent weeks, then, even for the Xbox Series X turn from a little 'hypothesis on the price of the low cost version for the lowest end of the market. Creating cheap versions of last generation consoles makes sense, and very important, for Microsoft and Sony: it increases the base of users who buy games, on which the two

take royalties. That's why, for PS5 Digital Edition, many speculate that Sony may agree to sell it slightly at a loss because it knows that at the third or fourth game purchased by the user it will break even. Will it be the same for the budget Xbox 2020? How much will Microsoft's low-cost next-gen, already known as Xbox Lockhart, cost?

Xbox Lockhart: how it could be

Assuming a price of Xbox Series X between 450 and 500 euros (and it's the most plausible hypothesis at the moment), it's clear that the economic version will cost less than 450 euros. Even much less, according to some industry analysts. The problem is that, to cost less, it will have to integrate less expensive hardware (or less hardware, simply). According to rumors collected by Tom Warren of The Verge, however, Microsoft will use for Lockhart the same CPU (with the same frequency) of the big sister. The difference will be in the GPU: lower frequency and less Compute Unit, so a much lower power. The RAM should instead be equal to 7.5 GB, compared to 16 GB of Xbox Series X.

Xbox Lockhart: how much will it cost

If these rumors are confirmed in the final product, then the economic version of Xbox Series X will cost at most 299 dollars. With this figure you'll have in your hands a console with which you'll be able to play fluidly with all new titles up to the resolution of 1080p, pushing up to 1440p with titles less heavy on the graphic front. It would be a compromise that can greatly expand the user base of Microsoft's next-gen console.