Xbox responds to PlayStation and offers its classic console

On the day of the presentation of the new PlayStation Classic Mini Xbox reminded everyone of its backward compatibility program that allows you to play o

If you are a lover of classic video games this is a great era to live in. 2017 was the year of the comeback of vintage gaming consoles, with Nintendo and Sony announcing the release of some gaming platforms based on their old hits such as mini SNES and PlayStation Classic Mini.

Microsoft did not want to be outdone, reminding all Xbox owners its to play titles from many years ago. To give a blow to Sony in the day of the official presentation of the new PlayStation Classic Mini, was the English profile of Xbox on Twitter. To the video game enthusiasts who posted and asked for information about the new Sony retro console on Twitter, Microsoft's gaming console reminded everyone that for some time now there has been a compatibility program on Xbox that allows you to play over 500 historical video games for free on all Xbox models. The only requirement is to have the original game.

How to play over 500 historical Xbox video games for free

For quite some time now, Microsoft has made possible the backward compatibility of games on its Xbox One console. This means that if we have the disc of a game from Xbox 360 or previous versions we can safely play it, improving resolution and playability of the title. For Xbox 360 games that you want to import to Xbox One you can keep the saved games, add-ons, objectives and player scores acquired over time. And if you are an Xbox Live Gold subscriber, you can play with friends in multiplayer mode even using classic video games.

How do we use the backwards compatibility program? Very simple, to understand if our game is compatible we check in the catalog "Ready to install" within the Xbox One system. If our "vintage" game is compatible, we insert the hard drive into the console and automatically start the download process of the title and all the saves related to it. At the end of the download process, you will still need to leave the disc in the unit to play. And if our game of a few years ago is not on disc but is in digital version? Even simpler, we can transfer it to the Xbox One directly from the link to our profile. The backward compatibility process is totally free and to play classic games on Xbox One there are no additional costs, the only requirement is that the game is included among those compatible, at the moment there are more than 500 compatible titles and every day Microsoft adds someone to its list.