Xiaomi 12 is near: top chip and ultra charging

The debut of the Xiaomi 12 range is just a few days away: rumors today address the issue of the chip and charging power

The debut of the Xiaomi 12 range is just a few days away, and rumors - as always happens in these cases - are preparing to take off to anticipate as much information as possible. A sbilanciarsi today is the informant Digital Chat Station, which has provided us with some interesting previews.

The Xiaomi 12 range will consist of at least three models: Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12 Ultra. The entry model to the range, as is customary, will share some specs with the other two: the main suspects are the chip and fast charging. And if the chip will almost certainly be shared between all models in the range, fast charging should reach a (barely) lower power on the "base" model, while remaining among the fastest on the market. Doubts, uncertainties and assumptions that will be confirmed within a month, since according to rumors the Xiaomi 12 will arrive in mid-December.

Xiaomi 12, top chip and fast charging

According to the latest rumors collected by the informant Digital Chat Station, there is no doubt that all Xiaomi 12, so even the access variant of the series, will have a chip with high, indeed very high, performance. There are three companies in the world that can offer manufacturers of high-end chips: Samsung, MediaTek and Qualcomm, and Xiaomi for its next top of the range has turned to the Americans of Qualcomm, as indeed has been the case for previous generations.

So Xiaomi 12 will be one of the very first smartphones to come to market with the Snapdragon 898, and probably will be the first product ever to be announced precisely with Qualcomm's best chip for 2022. On the Snapdragon 898 have circulated several rumors in recent weeks, while in recent hours has come out even the likely date of presentation thanks to the fact that the American manufacturer has announced when it will be held the Tech Summit 2021, ie the event from which traditionally comes out the best chip for the following year.

Of powerful, in addition to the chip, Xiaomi 12 will also have charging. The Chinese company has been pushing hard in recent times on charging powers, and of course Xiaomi 12 will be no exception. And if it is taken for granted that at least one of the three models will have the ultra-fast charging at 120 watts seen on the Xiaomi Mix 4, the "base" model Xiaomi 12 should not go below 100 watts, power that together with a high-capacity battery (it is said 5,000 mAh) will ensure customers few anxieties about autonomy.

Xiaomi 12, what to expect

Xiaomi 12 should have a screen with the variable refresh rate guaranteed by OLED LTPO technology: probably the range will be between 10 and 120 Hz. There will be wireless charging, whose power should be around the 50-watt limit imposed by Chinese regulations. In addition there will be the user interface MIUI 13 loved by fans.