Xiaomi 12: what will the 2022 top of the line to beat

It shouldn't be long until the unveiling of Xiaomi 12, the 2022 top of the line to beat: here are the latest rumors on specs and design

We've arrived at that time of the year when there is more and more talk about the next top of the line Xiaomi. The current series of flagship smartphones was made official in December 2020, so as autumn approaches, it's normal for rumors to focus on the Xiaomi 12.

So far, not many rumors have emerged on the account of the next Xiaomi top range, especially with regard to technical specifications. But today the rumors talk as much about some specifications as they do about aesthetics. The design of Xiaomi 12 should mark a break with the past, just as the recent Civi did with the idea of Xiaomi that tech enthusiasts have had so far. Xiaomi Civi has been judged by observers and enthusiasts as one of the most successful smartphones ever made by the company, which at this point would like to continue in that vein even and especially with the next top of the range.

The design of Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi 12 and Civi then could resemble a lot. The next top of the range which will have, as every year, the task of doing well against rivals of the caliber of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or Oppo Find X4 Pro, according to the latest rumors will be better than its predecessor not only in terms of aesthetic cleanliness but also in pragmatic terms, with a reduced thickness and weight thanks to the use of innovative technologies, such as those intended for the battery.

Xiaomi 12 is also expected to feature a ceramic back surface, but it's not clear yet if it will be used on all versions or only on the most expensive ones as it happened in the past - see Xiaomi Mix 4. In addition, the bezels around the screen should be further thinned for an even more modern look.

The Xiaomi 12 specs

The latest rumors have not yet addressed in depth the technical specifications of the Xiaomi 12. Based on its predecessors, however, there can be no doubt that the next top of the line may also have features from the first class, and in fact the (few) rumors that so far have dwelt on the specifications of Xiaomi 12 go in this direction, albeit without delving deeper.

Xiaomi 12 is expected with the next flagship chip from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 898 that should be made official in December. The Chinese smartphone, as happened in the past, could be the first in the world to adopt the chip at the top of the range of the American manufacturer.

There is some uncertainty instead of the cameras, a topic on which often decide the fate of a smartphone as valuable as Xiaomi 12. Previous rumors had indicated the presence of a primary sensor from 200 megapixels, but the latest indicate one with a quarter of the resolution, then 50 megapixels. However, it is worth repeating, having so many megapixels helps, but is by no means a guarantee of excellent photographic performance.

Xiaomi 12 should have a 5,000 mAh battery, to achieve which the company would have adopted innovative techniques that will allow, despite the high capacity, to contain thickness and weight of the smartphone on acceptable values.