Xiaomi 12 will also come in a “mini” version

The latest rumors give us a "juicy" preview of the Xiaomi 12 range: there will also be a "mini" variant, but not so mini...

For a "mini" that goes, there is a "mini" that comes. If according to rumors of some time ago the iPhone 13 mini should be the last of the generation of iPhones smaller than normal, inaugurated a year ago with the iPhone 12 mini, Xiaomi is ready to make the reverse choice with the next top of the range Xiaomi 12. According to the latest rumor, in fact, there will be a Xiaomi 12 mini.

A choice apparently against the grain that of the Chinese manufacturer, although Xiaomi 12 mini seems that "mini" will have only the name. The latest rumors coming from China speak in fact of a certification by the Chinese body 3C for a Xiaomi 12 mini with a display, however, not too small. It's a matter of perspective: if the Xiaomi 12 and its Ultra version will have very large screens as expected, then here is the smaller variant called, in fact, mini. Not everyone likes smartphones with extra-large displays, and Xiaomi's could be the ideal compromise to satisfy these consumers without making too many sacrifices in terms of usability of the screen itself with multimedia content.

Xiaomi 12 mini with screen over 6 inches

The 3C body has approved the request for certification of a Xiaomi 12 with a Full HD+ screen of 6.3 inches, a diagonal still abundant. But if the company manages to do a good job of thinning the black bands around the screen, the so-called bezels, then the Xiaomi 12 mini would have a reasonable size relative to the other members of the Xiaomi 12 family, without forcing those who choose it to give up too much when the smartphone is used to watch photos, videos, movies and TV series.

The Chinese body however did not register many specifications on the Xiaomi 12 mini. In addition to the diagonal of the screen, we know that it will have support for 5G infrastructure - and about this anyway there were not many doubts - and wired fast charging at 67 watts. It would have been interesting, for example, to have information on the capacity of the battery, a component that usually inevitably pays more than others a reduction in the size of the display for "physical" reasons, that is, as a result of a reduced internal volume.

However, the fact that Xiaomi 12 mini, by far, will not be very small and the presence of fast charging at 67 watts - which are not a few - should allow to sleep soundly to those who are already enticed by the idea of a smartphone Xiaomi relatively small. According to other sources, Xiaomi 12 mini will have the Snapdragon 870 chip, less powerful and refined compared to the Snapdragon 898 expected on Xiaomi 12 "standard" but still capable of more than remarkable performance, and who knows that the waivers in terms of maximum power will not translate into a list price also "mini".

Xiaomi 12 mini will arrive soon

Indiscretions aside, it's not long before we find out every detail about Xiaomi 12 mini. Xiaomi's top of the line devices will be unveiled soon, indicatively a few days after the Snapdragon 898 chip is unveiled at the end of the month. So you have to keep your curiosity in check for a few more days, until Xiaomi lifts the veils on the next generation of products.