Xiaomi announces 2 more top of the range: when they arrive

September is shaping up to be a hot month for Xiaomi, which has just made official the date of an event during which two new top of the range devices will come out

September has arrived, and there are many tech manufacturers preparing to announce new products with which to face the last part of the year. For companies there are at least two objectives to achieve: to give the last shake to the budgets in view of the annual closure and to arrive at the appointment of Christmas shopping with the most interesting and fresh range possible.

Among these manufacturers there is Apple, which is preparing to make official the iPhone 13, and there is also Xiaomi, which is the usual river in flood of news also quite interesting. On the account of the Chinese company has long been rumored of a launch event scheduled for mid-September, and now we know that rumors had formulated a correct hypothesis. Xiaomi's event will be exactly in the middle of the month, on September 15. To make it official is the Chinese company through the official Twitter account, raising expectations: "We are about to bring the spotlight on a series of top of the range and not only!", reads the tweet, which indicates that the event will be held streaming at 20 Chinese hours, 14 Italian hours.

Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro: here's how they will be

"Let the magic begin" reads the image attached to the tweet, "Our most advanced devices are coming," it is written just below. The company understandably tries to keep the attention high by creating a bit of mystery, but in reality the rumors indicate in a rather clear and decisive way what to expect from the Xiaomi event.

On September 15 Xiaomi should present at least two high-performance smartphones, to which should be added a third one characterized by a more favorable price-quality ratio. The two should be Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro, of which several aspects have already emerged on both the aesthetic and technical front. Aesthetically 11T should have a rear camera module quite different from that, peculiar, seen on Xiaomi 11, while the camera for selfies should find place in a hole in the display just below the ear capsule.

About the display, both Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro are expected with the same OLED display at 120 Hz, but according to the latest rumors will have a different chip: the first should be a MediaTek, the second a Qualcomm. Trace the identikit of the two chips is not at all difficult: Xiaomi 11T Pro will almost certainly have the Snapdragon 888, 11T instead in all probability the best MediaTek currently in the range, the Dimensity 1200 also already used with excellent results on OnePlus Nord 2.

Xiaomi 11T, in addition to the 3 GHz octa core chip from MediaTek, will have a form factor of 20:9 and a 64-megapixel rear main camera manufactured by OmniVision, an ultra wide-angle Sony IMX355 and a telephoto lens for optical zoom. According to rumors, Xiaomi 11T or 11T Pro will have wired fast charging at 120 watts.

Not only Xiaomi 11T and 11T Pro

Also a third novelty could arrive, namely Xiaomi 11T Lite in both 4G and 5G variants, the former for those who prefer to save money on the list, the latter for those who prefer a model ready to face the future. It is also rumored that the international variant of the Pad 5 tablet may be unveiled during the event.