Xiaomi announces a new generation of OLED Smart TVs

Not only Xiaomi-branded smartphones during the event on August 10: also expected a high-end speaker and a new generation of OLED smart TVs.

Xiaomi, we know, is one of the most versatile manufacturers in the current electronics market. The company was born in the field of user interfaces for Android smartphones over the years has produced everything, under its own name or through companies created ad hoc: robot vacuum cleaners, household products, electric scooters and even umbrellas.

But for some years Xiaomi has made under its name also Smart TVs characterized by an excellent value for money, first marketed only in the domestic market - the Chinese - then arrived in Europe. Rumors now say that during the event to be held on August 10, less than a week, from which will come out the long-awaited Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 - smartphone that, as we know, will have as a distinguishing feature the camera under the screen - will also come a high-end smart speaker and the second generation of smart TVs equipped with OLED technology screen, then the high contrast and deep black.

Xiaomi OLED smart TV, few rumors

It's still too early to tell if the next generation of Xiaomi smart TVs will cross European borders, as Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 almost certainly will, but it shouldn't be an unlikely scenario in light of the fact that the company already markets several TVs in the Old Continent, including the 75-inch Mi TV Q1 featuring QLED technology, a viable alternative to OLED.

With the new range of Smart TVs Xiaomi has focused on improving image quality, so the time may have come to bring to Europe the first OLED devices that, one imagines, will be able to compete with those of the most emblazoned manufacturers already on our market.

Xiaomi OLED Smart TV, what to expect

What we can expect from the second generation of Xiaomi branded OLED smart TVs is definitely a panel size larger than 60 inches: the high production costs of OLED technology generally require positioning on the higher end of the market, which includes products with larger diagonal.

Even the current generation of Xiaomi OLED smart TVs in fact has a rather large diagonal, and it is almost certain that the second generation will retain this feature. As well as expected to remain the 120 Hz refresh rate, which will make game lovers happy, sure 4K resolution with HDR10 support, a set of high-quality speakers, perhaps with a built-in subwoofer, and a very high surface to screen ratio.

Less certain but highly likely is the adoption of a chip produced by MediaTek, which already characterizes the current generation: difficult that Xiaomi may decide to collaborate with another manufacturer, likely instead that it will make a generational leap from the current chip MTK9650 that characterizes the current OLED smart TVs. We'll know more in the coming days anyway, from rumors or from the company, as the launch event is imminent.